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Written by Muhaimin Iqbal   
Saturday, 07 November 2009 18:44
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In-Water Weighting

Up to this modern age, consumers who buy gold jewelry or physical gold bar for investment are always in un-even situation with their sellers. In most cases, sellers know very well on the gold quality which is represented  in its karat – but there is no way for buyers to know at relative  degree of accuracy this very important aspect of gold quality  - the karat.


For now on – with our free tool called Gold Calculator , it will possible for every consumers to know  what exactly their gold karat is. What make it more interesting about this tool is the fact that it is freely available through your computer or mobile as long as you can access our web site


The only thing you need to buy ( if you don’t have it already) is standard digital gold scale with minimum two decimal digit accuracy. Believe me it is worth to buy – because you can find it in the net at cost starting from about equivalent to 1/3 gram of gold – imagine how much you can save for your gold investment by understanding its karat accurately !.


Other things you need to have around  before calculating your gold karat is any plastic ex mineral water or any transparent small water container, sewing string and of course water.


The followings are step by step procedure on how to use this Gold Calculator :


Gold Calculator

1.  Prepare your computer to access the Gold Calculator  through internet on our web site ; or in case you use your mobile to access internet you can go direct to the calculator file at


2. Weight your gold now with normal weighting and record the result. For an example I used a 50 grams gold bar – which of course showing the 50 grams on the scale display.


3. Fill the plastic container with enough water to immerse gold inside it but not hitting the bottom of the container.  To do this you need to tie the gold with small sewing string.


4. With the water filled container on top of your gold scale, tare the scale so it shows zero (0.00) on the scale display.


5. Hold the string firmly so you can slowly immerse the gold bar into the water. Make sure the gold fully immersed but not hitting the bottom of the container; now read the scale display. For my above gold bar the display shown 2.56 grams.


6. Now go the web page that you already opened in step 1. Fill the Normal Weight  with your normal weighting result in step no 2 ( which is 50 grams I  the example). Fill In-Water Weight with in-water weighting result of step 5 (2.56 gram in the example).


7. Select the color of your gold. Yellowish gold normally has silver component inside it, while reddish gold has copper element. If you are not sure leave the radio button at its original default – Not Sure position.


8. Now hit the calculate button, and…there is the purity of your gold. My gold bar in the above example is proven to be right – 24 K Gold !.


Is it accurate ?; very-very accurate…!


As a computer program of a scientific formula based on proper data on specific gravity of gold, silver and copper – this calculator must be very accurate in calculation result.


However as general rule in computer programming  we know the GIGO principle (Garbage In Garbage Out), then the accuracy of the karat as result of this calculation is very much depend on how accurate your scale is.


The following is the example; I have a gold coin certified under LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) saying that the weight is 4.25 grams and the karat is 22.


When I use two decimal scale I got the result between 0.22 gram and 0.23 gram for In-Water Scale. When I used these figures to calculate my gold coin karat then I got the result 21.71 karat ( use 0.23) and 24 karat (use 0.22).


Under four decimal scale, in-water weighting giving the result of 0.2287 grams – so when I used this figure – the Gold Calculator was giving exact result at 22 karat for my gold coin !.


Trust with this very simple tool; million of people in the world will know better for their gold quality – imagine how much they can save their money from buying fake gold or low karat gold !.



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